Hull , Newcastle, 17th - 20th October, 2007

hull train train composer

Seeds & Bridges concert series 18th October, 2007, 6.30 pm, Hull, Artlink ExChange, Princess Ave

solos: Daniel Jones, Ivan Palacký, trio: Jez Riley French / Daniel Jones / Ivan Palacký

daniel jones daniel jones jez riley french daniel jones hull poster jez riley french ip hull hull gear
jez & daniel trio hull jez ivan & daniel hull audience
photo: Anna Palacká
hull mill hull bridge hull bridge station picnic work in progress see
see ivan & jez tour car road to newcastle

No-Fi 100th Show 20th October 2007, Newcastle, The Cluny, Lime St.

duo Jez Riley French / Ivan Palacký

Evan Parker / Alex Neilson / Michael Flower



Vanishing Voice

One Ensemble

Cath & Phil Tyler


The Horseloom

the cluny, newcastle newcastle, soundcheck newcastle, soundcheck ivan & evan newcastle duo concert Ivan & jez newcastle audience
newcastle hotel room newcastle hotel room park hull house
Newcastle concert photos: James Postlethwaite
newcasle duo ivan & jez photo: James Postlethwaite newcasle ivan photo: James Postlethwaite